From our initial calls to planning and implementation, we involve a team of professionals trained to identify and ensure warehouse and delivery services that meet your needs.

Once you identify a project that you want us to handle, our sales staff will help you plan your project and then assign an account manager to manage the implementation.  After getting to know your unique needs, our account manager coordinates all arrangements for receiving, storage, delivery and set-up.


Your salesperson is not only your initial contact with the company but is instrumental in the success of your projects. Your salesperson works with your account manager to ensure your projects are carried out as you outlined. In fact, NDS prides itself on making its salespeople accessible to their clients. That’s why NDS salespeople spend most of their time in our office calling on customers and consulting account managers on your projects. Our sales staff ensures personal service is a top priority at NDS and believes it will be the hallmark quality that sets NDS apart from its competition.


The operations team is comprised of team leaders, account managers and support staff and handles the implementation of all your projects. This includes managing the receiving, storage, inventory management, delivery and set-up related to your project. They also ensure we have the proper documentation, such as receiving reports, freight bills, pack slips and delivery tickets, along the way. Your account manager will become your single most important link to NDS’ service and capabilities.

We consider NDS a business partner that helps make our team better! NDS has proven to be responsive in problem resolving and reliable in time commitments. Overall they are consistent in meeting our expectations and their service and personal attention has been exemplary!

National Distribution Service, Inc.
National Distribution Service, Inc. []