NDS brings an experienced team to every customer’s project.

Our account teams are led by managers with hands-on experience handling a wide array of projects for several different industries. They know how to avoid common mistakes, such as choosing the wrong warehouse and not following up with facility personnel.

NDS monitors warehouse and delivery vendors to ensure excellent results.

We’ve carefully assembled a network of more than 1,400 warehouses nationwide and continually look for other high-quality facilities to meet our clients’ warehouse needs.

NDS covers your project’s smallest details.

Our account teams understand that attention to detail matters in the distribution business. That’s why they document all aspects of your project and ensure confirmation of all items being received by the warehouse.

NDS will go the extra mile.

If something goes wrong, we’re here to resolve the situation. We are available after hours and on weekends to ensure our clients receive their goods on time or as soon as possible.

NDS personnel are accessible to their clients.

Our sales and operations personnel try to spend as much time in the office as possible, so they’re available to handle every customer situation quickly. However, we realize some business must be conducted at our clients’ offices. We have the depth and internal structure to ensure your team is properly supported at all times.

Your NDS team will be flexible when meeting your needs.

Flexibility is not a meaningless buzzword at NDS. Once we obtain the information needed to arrange your project, we’ll discuss any special requirements you may have. We understand that each job may be a little different depending on who is managing the project on-site. We also will respect your internal inventory tracking procedures and report information to you in the way you’re accustomed to receiving it. We can provide daily updates via email. Or, if you prefer to access information yourself any time of day, you may utilize SecureTrak, our web-based inventory-tracking program.

I don’t know if you watch the Voice, but my team turned our chairs first! If you don’t watch; that means we started using you first. Now I hope you guys will get more business from us. I wanted you to know that your hard work and dedication to helping us quickly is so appreciated.

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