Case Studies: Rollouts

Rollouts are unique as they often involve a single item or select group of items that need to be distributed to a large number of locations in a very short period of time. Rollouts are often part of equipment or fixture upgrade programs or planned in conjunction with the promotion of new menu offerings or products.


The Challenge

A national restaurant chain decided to offer breakfast all day. They needed to install an additional piece of equipment in over 1000 locations nationwide to accommodate the change. All locations had to be completed in less than three months. The program required NDS to work closely with the manufacturer to coordinate the number of units needed to ship into each market according to the customer’s schedule. Once units were received in the local market, final mile deliveries had to be arranged with each store manager according to their availability and the master schedule.

The Solution

The NDS team managed every aspect of the program from origin to final mile delivery. Our team worked with the manufacturer to monitor availability of quantities required to stay on schedule in each market and those ahead, coordinated freight into nearly 240 partnering warehouses and worked with local store managers to arrange final mile delivery. Many stores required delivery after hours with inside placement, unpacking and debris removal.

I don’t know if you watch the Voice, but my team turned our chairs first! If you don’t watch; that means we started using you first. Now I hope you guys will get more business from us. I wanted you to know that your hard work and dedication to helping us quickly is so appreciated.

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