Case Studies: Restaurant and Food Service

The restaurant industry is a cornerstone of our business at NDS. Handling thousands of projects annually, NDS account teams can manage all your logistics needs.

New Restaurant

The Challenge

A national restaurant chain is opening new locations, which will require several months of construction and materials will need to be ordered from numerous vendors/manufacturers. As always, this is a complicated, time-sensitive and expensive endeavor. Many factors, including permits, approvals and weather, can delay or push ahead the schedule. Often times, contractors need certain items onsite at specific times to keep the project moving along. Accordingly, they need some flexibility regarding when they can access their fixtures and equipment. Finding enough safe space to store materials onsite can be difficult. Items can easily be damaged or lost.

The Solution

NDS provides a fully staffed and equipped storage facility near the project site. The restaurant chain’s purchasing department, or their kitchen equipment dealer, orders all materials within required lead times and ships the items to the NDS warehouse. There, it is kept safe until delivery is requested. The restaurant chain, the contractor and NDS work together to schedule deliveries so items are received at the proper times to keep the project on schedule. While logistics is a small part of the bigger picture, well run projects can save time, money and headaches.


Assisting with new restaurant openings is at the very core of our business.  We have completed tens of thousands of similar projects.


The Challenge

In most cases, the restaurant remains open for business. Remodels can be demanding due to tight time constraints and the need to avoid disrupting normal daily operations. Trucks can’t show up at peak business hours and there is typically no space available to receive or temporarily store/stage items.

The Solution

NDS can either arrange delivery and set-up for specific dates and times, including before or after normal business hours. Or arrange to leave a trailer on–site allowing access to the equipment, fixtures and furniture on an as-needed basis.

We consider NDS a business partner that helps make our team better! NDS has proven to be responsive in problem resolving and reliable in time commitments. Overall they are consistent in meeting our expectations and their service and personal attention has been exemplary!

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